I have always been so interested about coins ,and always liked to make handmade items,so I thought i could make jewelry with the coins.
I wanted to make something really cool with the coins,and after trying with so many materials I discover how to enamel them.
I like to paint the coins so much,there are many details on them that you don't really see until you paint them.
People like this pieces so much i think because the coins are something that has been with us everyday in our lives,so they reminds us so many things and moments that we have lived.
I like to think that i am also making a piece of nostalgia
Some people like to have the pieces with the coins of an specific years.This is something very difficult to do,as most of the coins are not in circulation and they are so difficult to find,but I will try.
Of course I can make the pieces in any colors.

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